Attractive window treatments on the interior of a home significantly increase the appeal of any home environment. Many homeowners opt for traditional drapes, while others choose blinds that can be opened and closed by an attached drawstring. Others prefer to install plantation shutters in Broomfield for a classic, solid look as well as convenience and even safety. For instance, shutters don’t have associated cords, meaning that they are safer options for households containing children and pets. Active children and curious pets can become entangled in cords attached to drapes and blinds, and serious injury is often the result. Shutters, however, can be opened and closed using a handle, and they are usually too high from the floor to be accessible to household children and furry friends.

Shutter styles range from ornate and formal to casual and simple as well as everything in between, making them good choices for any home interior. They can be painted or stained any desired color or shade. They can be opened for when household occupants want the sun to stream in and closed during the evening or at other times when the occasion calls for privacy. Shutters can also be angled in a such a fashion where those indoors can see outside, but anyone on the outside cannot see into the home interior. those desiring ventilation on warm summer days have the option of opening windows while leaving shutters angled for privacy. They can also be locked from the inside, providing homeowners with an extra layer of security against potential thieves and other household intruders.

Shutters also provide maximum durability. Blinds frequently fall apart after a year or two of heavy use, and drapes may become frayed and torn. Most people find that the extra initial expense involved in having shutters installed is worth it because they last so much longer than other options. Shutters are also low maintenance. Blinds can be extremely difficult to clean, and drapes often have to be specially cleaned on an annual basis in order to retain their appearance. The only maintenance that shutters require, however, is an occasional cleaning with a mild detergent and a soft cotton cloth. Besides being durable, plantation shutters don’t go out of style the way that drapes and blinds periodically do. They also may be instrumental in keeping utility costs down when they’re kept shut tight against cold winter conditions.

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