Today’s homeowners usually prefer that their window treatments pull double duty by being energy efficient as well as attractive. Fortunately, many ways exist to ensure that cool air remains indoors during summer heat waves and warm air stays inside when outdoor temperatures plummet in winter. The first step is proper window placement. Positioning a large picture window on a north-facing wall in a cold climate is not advisable, for instance, because northern exposures are usually a few degrees colder than their southern or western counterparts. By the same token, large windows on southern or western walls in hot climates are not recommended.

Reducing air leakage is another way to save on heating and cooling costs. Today’s window sealing techniques are far superior to those of the past, and modern homeowners usually don’t have to apply weatherstripping or caulking on a regular basis like their counterparts of the past. Those who live in areas that experience significant seasonal heat can also choose to have window glass installed that his designed to minimize the amount of solar heat that passes through it into home interiors. Drapes and blinds can also keep midday heat out.

Wood blinds in Arvada provide homeowners with an attractive way to help regulate household temperatures and save money on air conditioning and heating costs. Wood blinds complement almost any type of indoor decorating scheme. They can be used alone for a classic, spare look, providing an appealing appearance whether they are pulled down over the window or pulled up so that they sun can shine through and to allow outdoor scenery to be visible. For those who prefer a more ornate look to their home interior decor, wood blinds can be paired with valances or sheer draperies for an ethereal affect. The slats can also be adjusted to control the amount of light and ventilation, and they also help protect furniture, walls, and flooring from the possibility of being damaged by intense UV rays. For a pleasant effect on a warm summer day, the slats can be left slightly open while opening a window to allow a summer breeze to access the home interior. This type of blind can also be adjusted to allow household residents maximum privacy during both daytime and in the evening.

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