In an ideal world, one should have plenty of time to move. It’s helpful if one can have about a month to plan the moving process and a few weeks for the process of packing and cleaning. In reality, there are many situations when this is simply not possible, and one ends up having to move in a week or less.


Planning is important for vacating with plenty of time, but when the move is done in a hurry, planning becomes essential. If one needs to hire a moving company from Longmont, they should make sure that they start looking for the best moving company from Longmont that’s available on short notice. One shouldn’t worry about this aspect, as plenty of companies will be able to help. However, it’s a good idea to look at their reviews, to ensure that they’re hiring a good-standing company and not a couple of con artists.


When vacating on short notice, one won’t have time to keep going back and forth to the store. As such, it’s a good idea to start figuring out how many supplies, such as boxes one will need, and to go get them all in one trip. If one is hiring a service, when they come to do their inspection, one should ask about how many supplies they think one will need, as they will be able to give a pretty good approximation.


When one has little time to move, the more help they can get, the better. As such, it’s a good idea to ask friends and family to come and help pack. If no one is available, and one can afford it, one should hire someone, on top of the best service to help out.

Throw Out Stuff

Don’t just start throwing everything out. However, the less stuff one has to move from one location to another, the easier the vacating process becomes, regardless of whether it is done with or without a service. Anything that one doesn’t use, from clothing items that haven’t been worn in a year or more to books one doesn’t plan on reading ever again, should either be donated, recycled, or thrown out, depending on their state.

Throw Organization out the Window

Ideally, when vacating, one should have perfectly labeled boxes, with items beautifully placed inside them. When vacating in a week or less, that goes right out the window. What becomes important here is simply getting items from one location to another. As long as breakable items are placed in a safe manner so that the best service will be able to get them whole from point A to B,  the rest doesn’t really matter.