Happy Hounds Dog Care CenterIt’s hard to leave your dog with strangers when you go out of town. Happy Hounds has a better way. They offer 13 luxury suites and 19 standard lodges, for a less stressful visit. Each suite is furnished with a comfortable platform bed, a TV, and a clean, home-like interior. Each lodge has a raised platform floor, privacy panels, and relaxing music. During the day they enjoy fun day care. At dinnertime, they head back to their climate-controlled rooms to eat, rest and watch TV or listen to relaxing music. Each dog gets a final potty break at the end of the day. Special diets and medications are accommodated at no extra charge—and the facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call to schedule a personal tour!

Happy Hounds
1651 Skyway Drive
Longmont, CO 80504