Waterbury Chiropractic WellnessWaterbury Chiropractic Wellness in Longmont Colorado provides non-surgical intervention for your back issues. If you suffer from spinal pain, traction therapy can change your life. This can be a key part of the treatment plan for patients suffering with peripheral radiation or sciatica pain. Spinal decompression is the process of gently stretching the spine, with the goal of relieving pressure on the disks between the vertebrae and the affected nerves. It can help to relieve discomfort and pain from protruding or herniated discs and degenerative joint disease. Visit the website for informative videos—and to schedule your appointment. “I have been to many chiropractors over the years and none have been as complete and thorough as Dr. Waterbury!”

Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness
1332 Linden St. #1
Longmont, CO 80501