Happy Hounds Dog Care Center

Happy Hounds takes the guesswork out of pet boarding. You can count on a better overnight boarding experience for your dog. Thirteen luxury suites and 19 standard lodging kennels take the stress out of your dog’s stay. Each suite has a comfortable platform bed, a TV, and a clean, home-like interior. Standard kennels have platform floors and privacy panels. Relaxing music plays all night in the lodge area. At dinnertime they head back to their climate controlled rooms. A final potty break at 10 p.m. rounds out the day. Onsite overnight supervision adds to your peace of mind. This is pet boarding you can trust! Special diets and medications? No problem, and no extra charge! Full day, half day and hourly dog care is available.

Happy Hounds
1651 Skyway Drive
Longmont, CO 80504