Miracle Method of Boulder

Do your countertops and ceramic tile look like it’s still 1980?  Now you can update your home for less. Refinishing with Miracle Method of Boulder saves money and time—and you won’t believe the results. Miracle Method’s Natural Accents offers a revolutionary new finish for countertops, vanities and ceramic tile. You will love the multicolor appearance and texture of stone, costing only a fraction real granite, imitation granite or man-made materials like Silestone, Corian or Swanstone. Choose from more than 30 stone-look finishes for a clean, updated look. No other refinisher delivers the quality work or level of service consistently offered by Miracle Method. Enjoy savings of 50 to 75 percent—and the results are beautiful. Visit the website for a photo gallery of Miracle Method’s great work.

Miracle Method Of Boulder
1822 Sunset Place Suite A, Longmont, CO