Yoga for Life with Kerry Temple-Wood

Discover yoga for the seasoned traveler of life at Kerry Temple-Wood Yoga for Life. Yoga can help us live in uncertain times. It fosters resilience, balance, connection and flexibility in body, mind and spirit. Choose in-person classes or live streaming Yoga for Life, live from the Yoga barn, Wednesday through Sundays. Classes include Yin Yoga, Women’s Temple practice, and Sacred Flow Yoga class. “Live your life awake. Meet me on the mat.” Yoga supports health and wellness. Come join us and change your life for good! Do you have a friend who could benefit from yoga? A Yoga for Life gift certificate is always a welcome gift. Visit the website to learn more about Yoga with Kerry Temple-Wood.

Kerry Temple-Wood Yoga for Life
6541 N. 63rd St.
Longmont, CO