Happy Hounds Dog Care Center

Don’t drown in dog fur! Bring your pup to the professional dog groomers at Happy Hounds for the best pet grooming in town. If your pup is looking shaggy, choose the de-shedding service that removes excess fur from the undercoat to decrease shedding. Includes 30 minutes of additional brushing, scheduled on a follow-up visit, to remove additional loose fur. If your outdoorsy dog has a skunk encounter, the de-skunk treatment is a must! Want to see your dog smile? Bring him to Happy Hounds. Voted Best Pet Groomer! Remember, if you are planning a trip, the doggie daycare at Happy Hounds is tail-wagging good! Proudly supporting pet parents throughout the Longmont area since 2008.

Happy Hounds
1651 Skyway Drive
Longmont, CO 80504