gwynnesgreenhouselongmontGreen plants are always in season in the garden greenhouse at Gwynne’s! Find your indoor favorites, from ivies and succulents to jade plants and pothos. Start from the ground up, with potting soils for every application. Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe has garden pottery that works with every décor. Give the gift of a live potted plant for the holidays. There are also plenty of garden-themed gifts, yard art and garden gadgets, too. Your green-thumb friends will love it. Need advice? We have over 30 years experience. Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe is located just one mile east of Lyons. We are at the intersection of Highways 36 and 66. Visit our website, then come visit us!

Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe
4559 Highland Dr.
Longmont, CO 80503