Flagstaff AcademyFlagstaff Academy provides a nurturing environment for students. It’s a fact: students learn more when they are in a productive learning environment. Flagstaff Academy students thrive in a healthy, secure and nurturing environment that is designed to enhance learning. Students learn and attain high standards of behavior and accountability, as they develop a passion for lifelong learning and the skills to achieve their dreams. Smaller class sizes and individualized learning help to accelerate your child’s development. Supportive teachers are invested in their students, bringing a higher sense of “ownership” to your student’s success. “Our students are taught skills that will take them through high school, college, and beyond,” says spokesperson Lisa Krebs. Want to learn more? Call 303.651.7900 to schedule a personal visit. You’ll be impressed!

Flagstaff Academy
2040 Miller Drive
Longmont, CO 80501