Flagstaff AcademyFlagstaff Academy students thrive with engaging, challenging programs

K-8 students at Flagstaff Academy develop a lifelong love for learning. There’s no excuse for boredom here, with engaging classes that challenge students to strive and thrive. “We are where Science and Imagination take flight,” says communications director Lisa Krebs. Learning events such as the Hour of Code and STEM Fairs offer an exciting lineup, with something for every student. “We pay attention to the individual child, and believe in educating the whole child.” Students are empowered and given plenty of opportunities to explore and pursue their passions by integrating inquiry-based science and forward-thinking technology with the Core Knowledge Sequence. Want to learn more? Call 303.651.7900 to schedule a personal visit. Find out why we say, “We love what we do!”


Flagstaff Academy
2040 Miller Drive
Longmont, CO 80501