Blooming Massage is back, providing relaxing massage at 100 percent capacity! That means more appointment times with your favorite massage therapists: Dayna, Diana, Sandy, Erin, Jenny, Ana, Renee, Terri and Donna. We also welcome Anita Griego, licensed massage therapist, level 3 Reiki Master and a Cranial Sacral and Polarity Therapy Practitioner. Bodywork is an important part of health, wellness and stress release. Each session is designed for your individual needs and condition. Blooming Massage continues to maintain its Covid-19 protocols for cleaning and care of the office. All therapists and clients must wear a face mask at all times when in the Blooming Massage offices. Gift certificates and packages are a great way to prepay appointments, and you can purchase gift certificates online. Expect Bliss!

Blooming Massage
421 21st Avenue #2
Longmont, CO