AltaVita Senior Residences

Caring for an individual with memory care issues at home can be challenging. AltaVita Memory Care’s adult memory daycare program provides short-term relief for hardworking caregivers. It also offers individuals with memory-related illnesses a new, engaging environment to visit several times a week. AltaVita Memory Care is a safe and secure community. Memory care experts ensure that the community provides the highest level of security while also offering a sense of independence and freedom. Helping residents in a supportive, respectful way is a hallmark of care here. Memory care is a 24/7 responsibility. Make AltaVita Memory Care your partner. Conveniently located in Longmont with easy access anywhere along the Front Range. “I am so thankful my wife and mother spent their final days in such a wonderful facility.”

AltaVita Memory Care
800 S Fordham Street
Longmont, CO 80503