Horse Training School in Colorado provides a range of opportunities for people desiring to work with animals. Customized course schedules help people achieve their individualized educational goals.

Some people might prefer to provide medical care to horses, so they might take veterinary assistant classes. They also would probably take up an interest in animal science courses.   When doing so, they would also take classes related to the anatomy and physiology of horses, livestock and other farm animals. Program participants might also focus on providing physical therapy for injured horses, and they also would more than likely learn equine first aid.

In addition to taking veterinary assistant or animal science classes, students will also fulfill general education requirements. Extra courses in addition to horse training and management include art history, computer science and math courses. When doing so, they either will receive a certificate in a job-specific area or will work toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Some persons attending horse training school in Colorado prefer not to administer medical treatment. If not, they would instead focus on horse training and management. The ones who want to learn how to break horses would teach the animals how to ride, and this includes bit and saddle training. It also involves teaching the horse how to trot and conditioning them how to accept other riders, and it usually involves using animal taming skills that are acquired as an intern.

College persons taking equine training horses will also learn how to command the animals to follow specific walking paths. They will also become familiar with planning equine exercise sessions. In addition, they will receive proper horse dieting guidelines and probably will learn grooming techniques.

People with prior horse training experience might also be interested in the business aspect of running a ranch or a farm. If so, they also will take hands-on courses and become acquainted with farm and ranch management.  In this role, they would handle the financial end of the business and delegate tasks to employees for smooth operation. Hiring, firing or restructuring a company might also be part of their responsibilities, and they might be in charge of ordering supplies. The supervision and oversight skills they learn while in college can help them fulfill their management roles.

Students can obtain a horse training certificate in as little time as one year. Some degree programs take up to four years to finish, and they might take even longer if enrolled persons want to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Lamar Community College offers Horse Training & Management courses