Learning to ride a horse can be a very fun experience. Unfortnately it can also be a bit dangerous for those who are new to horse-riding and don’t really know what they’re doing. Serious accidents can occur as a result of poor safety while riding a horse. Therefore, it’s important that beginner riders keep a few basic yet vital safety tips in mind and remember them every time they ride.

Always Wear a Helmet

Also known as a hard hat in the horse industry, head protection is a must when riding. It doesn’t matter if one is riding a small pony or a large horse; the risk is always there of a fall, which means a head injury can always occur when a helmet isn’t being worn. A hard hat should be one of the first pieces of equipment that a beginner rider purchases before they even think about going for a ride themselves. At the very least, they should borrow one from a qualified rider.

Choose the Right Horse

Not all horses have the same habits and temperament, which is why it’s so important to get some advice on which horse is best for one’s needs before riding. For example, some horses may have a more gentle demeanor than others. For beginners, it’s a must to practice on a horse that is known for being gentle and listening well to commands. By doing so, it is possible to avoid accidents and injuries.

Know the Terrain

When riding, it is also important for beginners to be aware of the terrain. This means taking the time to assess the course and environment before getting on the horse. Furthermore, even beginners should know what steps to take in the event that they come across an obstacle on the horse, such as a small body of water.

Consider Taking Classes

For those who want to take their horse riding seriously, it’s a good idea to take some riding classes. Many schools and even community colleges these days offer some great courses on equine management and safety in Colorado. Not only can these be great for those who are interested in learning how to ride, but they can also be useful courses for those who are thinking about buying a horse or even multiple horses to keep on their own property as well.

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