Students have opportunities to learn horse management in Colorado. Equine studies often consist of more than one area of concentration.

Many participants enter an Applied Science in Horse Training & Management program if they want to gain practical experience. This usually includes 15 credits of general education sources and horse breaking classes. This program typically takes about two years to finish. During this time, the enrolled persons would complete an internship.

A person registered for the Applied Science classes for horse training might also enroll in the Equine Business Management program. When participating in the business courses, they learn the ins and outs of running a ranch, farm, resort or other operation. These students might then acquire their own land some day and run their own business. Otherwise, they would use their skills for a company, charitable organization or tourist site.

Business Management students will learn how to oversee employees, plan a budget, or perform payroll duties. In addition, they will be shown how to delegate tasks to workers in a way that keeps an operation running smoothly. This study could involve internships, and some students might also have prior equine experience.

Other persons who have a passion for horses might undergo training in these areas:

  • Barrel horse trainingWhen completing this program, the student will know how to break a horse for body control. This involves training the animal on barrels.
  • Advanced horsemanship – This entails completing a one-semester internship with a professional trainer. This certificate program provides the student with more than just the fundamentals. They more than likely will learn arena horse training when taking this discipline path.
  • Fundamental horse training – Enrolled persons can receive a certificate within one year. This program teaches participants all the important basics and knowledge required to train horses. These courses would be ideal for persons contemplating making their equine hobby into a career.

Taking up equine studies might also involve learning how to administer first aid to a horse. It also might include becoming a veterinary assistant. Otherwise, they maybe will take up animal science to learn advanced equine medical caretaking. Perhaps they will also learn how to care for injured horses and administer physical therapy.

Lamar Community College offers Horse Training & Management courses