Colorado Rolfing and Healing ArtsIf you experience problems with poor posture or back and neck pain, you may be an ideal candidate for Rolfing. Kim Hourston of Colorado Rolfing & Healing Arts helps her clients reduce pain, improve performance, and move with greater ease and grace. She is certified in Advanced Rolfing, Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Scar Tissue Release and Yoga. She works with clients to address general health maintenance concerns, including joint pains, headaches, TMJ and digestive issues, and general anxiety. Kim believes in working “with” her clients not simply “on” them, and is highly responsive to the unique needs of every individual. “Every session was filled with pure pleasure—there was never any pain or discomfort. I am a huge fan.” Reserve your visit today.

Colorado Rolfing & Healing Arts
312 Sandler Drive
Lafayette, CO 80026