SheSheLoungeIs She-She Lounge the best waxing salon in Fort Collins? We think so! She-She promises you the best waxing ever. Sit back, relax and unwind while we do our stuff. All rooms are private and equipped with flatscreen TVs or music. Our technicians are efficient, quick and flawless. Add a pedicure or manicure (you’ll go home smiling). You’re going to like being fuzz-free. Men, we do manscaping, too. Owner Susan Byrum has made it her mission to promote plucking, polishing and pampering excellence. Open daily (alternating Sundays). We are ready to pamper you like the special person you are. Visit our website for current specials.

She-She Lounge
2601 S. Lemay Ave. #26
Fort Collins, CO 80525