Window coverings are huge components of interior design thanks to their prominence in a room. Therefore, they need to be carefully considered to make sure they fit in with the rest of the decor. Here are a few popular types of window treatments and the look and feel they can bring:

Plantation Shutters

These get their name from the popularity they had in the old plantations of both South America and the United States’ South. Invented in the time before air conditioning, they worked well at allowing breezes through while blocking the blasting summer sun of their original areas. Now, plantation shutters in Broomfield are used more for their looks than their practical usefulness. They bring in an old-fashioned feel that goes well with other elements that hark back to earlier times. They pair well with hardwood floors and vintage-style furniture. If the air conditioning happens to go out, they give a bonus: They still work well at letting those summer breezes through without allowing the sun to blast through the windows.

Curtains and Drapes

There are so many styles of these that their visual effect has more to do with their length, color, and pattern than the fact that they’re made of fabric. Long ones are great for formal rooms, where the length will make them look richer. The level of formality is further refined by choosing either dark patterns or sheer, light colors.

Short curtains and drapes give a more modern look, and they’re easier to keep clean since they won’t be kicked by people who peek out of the windows. They’re more versatile in terms of color and pattern; prints that would look silly on long curtains are fine on the short ones. That said, they can’t bring about the fully-formal look like long, dark drapes will.


Window blinds are made up of several separate slats arranged in a row. Unlike shutters, their slats can be completely raised or lowered as well as tilted. This makes them more versatile in terms of functionality, but it does so at the expense of formality. Their lack of frames is partly responsible for their looser and more carefree effect.

These are some of the top forms of window coverings currently available. Check out a showroom to see some of them in action and choose the best ones for a particular decor.


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