Vinyl and metal blinds are so common that it can seem like no alternatives. The looks of these options, however, aren’t always the best for a particular decor. Fortunately, the reality is that there are indeed alternatives to the highly-manufactured looks of the standard varieties. One of the best of these options is wood blinds.

Wood blinds in Erie, CO bring a warm presence to any traditional or rustic room. They come in enough different styles and color shades to ensure that they will fit the decor. These range from fairly rustic slats all the way to highly machined and polished upscale versions, so there’s no need to worry about them appearing to have come from the wrong era.

Are There Any Caveats for Wood Blinds?

There’s just one thing to be careful of, and that’s greasy material such as that found in the kitchen. When food is cooked, and especially if it’s fried, tiny grease particles get into the air and then settle on still, solid objects. This material can be hard to remove from anything, but it’s especially bad for wooden things like blinds. That’s because wood can’t handle the harsh cleansers that will dissolve grease.

The solution to this issue is to use faux-wood blinds for the kitchen. These have the wood look laminated on, so they look almost as natural as the real thing. While the looks don’t exactly match genuine wood, they allow a wood blind theme to be carried into the kitchen where it would otherwise not be possible.

Caring for Wood Blinds

Outside of the kitchen, caring for wood blinds is easy. Most of the time, they’ll simply need dusting, much like blinds made of other materials. The difference comes when they need more thorough cleaning. For stained blinds, use furniture polish that includes a cleansing factor. This is made for traditional furniture, which is typically stained instead of painted, and will preserve the finish of the blinds.

If the blinds are painted, a mild cleanser is good for when dusting isn’t enough. Be aware of the level of gloss the finish has; high gloss can tolerate far more washing than a matte finish. Use something made for wood furniture if there is any doubt.

Wood blinds should need minimal care other than dusting and the occasional deeper cleansing. Aside from their great looks, this is one of the reasons they are so popular.


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