Time is money. This is one of the most preciously held tenets of any business, and a manufacturing facility is no different. For example, a new lid press machine in Denver can help you grow your business and improve your facility, but it’s only one piece of the greater productivity puzzle. Here are some of the key things you need to keep in mind to work to improve productivity in your facility.

A good way to start, before you actually do anything or try to implement something, is to try and do a sort of audit of your current manufacturing workflow. This means looking at the people that you have working on your projects, as well as the processes that said people are utilizing, as well as the technology that is powering said processes and that the people work with every day. In the case of people, do you have proper managers guiding your staff? Does your staff have the skills and objectives to work with? In terms of processing, what are the bottlenecks or outside issues that you can see slowing things down? Regarding the equipment that you are working on, is everything in proper condition? At this point, you want to find changes you want to make as well as what points you want to look at to make changes.

In order to find areas where you can update, you may want to start by looking where automation may be feasible. Automation is a great way to try and grow your efficiency and cut down on human error, but you need to try and decide exactly where you start in this area. Any new technology that you introduce will have quite a cost associated with it, and you need to decide exactly how you are willing to pay, and if the return on your investment is going to be worth it.

Because of the expense and potential difficulty of introducing new technology, perhaps the best place that you want to start when it comes to improving productivity and make sure that you don’t ignore your regular maintenance. In all cases, a downtime or broken machine is more expensive than repair both due to the cost as well as time lost. This is why it’s important for you to make sure that your staff is well trained on how to perform maintenance and look at issues proactively.

Another similar step to try and implement is making sure that your workplace is effectively organized. This means reducing clutter and movement to perform certain tasks. Make sure that the tools your workers need are laid out effectively, and you eliminate anything that you think is unused or unneeded.