Many people think of blinds as either being made of vinyl or metal, but they can actually be made from far more natural materials like wood. This allows them to be used in rustic decorating schemes, houses that replicate old-fashioned designs, and actual historic homes without looking out of place. Wood blinds can also soften up modern decor styles and make them more inviting.

Wood blinds for Arvada homes have many of the functional advantages of metal ones. They’re made of solid, opaque material, so they can block the light no matter what color they are. The rigidity of wood also ensures that they’ll never sag with age or bend due to mishaps. That said, there are a couple of important differences between wood and metal blinds.

Wood Blinds Have More Choices of Finish

With wood blinds, customers aren’t limited to the factory selection of finishes. While some come pre-finished, a buyer can also decide to apply a finish after purchase. It’s also easy to change the finish to match new interior decorating needs after the binds have been in place for years.

Either paint or stain can be used for wood blinds, but various factors make it so that one or the other will be best in a specific situation. The first thing to consider is the quality of the wood that was used for the blinds. If it has a beautiful grain and smooth finish, it makes sense to stain it because it’d be a waste to hide those details under a coat of paint. On the other hand, if the wood isn’t very impressive to look at, go ahead and paint it.

Another important consideration in this area is the conditions of the room where the blind will be mounted. If the blinds must be used in challenging areas like kitchens, it’s best to use semi-gloss or glossy paint. This paint is easy to clean.

Wood Blinds Weight

Wood blinds are made with slats that are thicker than their metal equivalents. This makes sure that they’re durable, but it also makes it more important to hang them from strong sections of wall. If there aren’t any joists behind the selected area, be sure to use wall anchors so the blinds’ weight doesn’t pull them down.

The massive amount of finish choices and natural look of wood blinds makes them favorites with many people. As long as care is taken to ensure that they are properly supported when hung, they’ll look great and last for years.

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