Blinds are popular window coverings, but many blind styles have become overused and boring. Vinyl ones seem to be all over the place, and even though they look light and airy, they’re simply too common to be part of an outstanding interior design. Metal blinds are rarer, but other than having the capability to block light, they’re still not all that special. What alternative can offer the benefits of metal blinds without inducing yawns?

The answer to this question is wood blinds. Wood blinds in Arvada are solid, so they can block most or all incoming light when they’re closed. However, their wood construction makes them stand out from all of the other options. Wood, aside from being natural, has a grained pattern that guarantees that every slat is truly unique. Various stain colors allow different hues to be brought forth without hiding the natural appearance of the wood.

Of course, wood blinds can also be painted. This may be done to make them fit into country or beach decor that features other painted wood items. It also allows more affordable wood species to be used since the specifics of the wood will be hidden.

Most upscale blind manufacturers prefer to sell their products in the stained, rather than painted, styles. This allows the blinds to show off the company’s careful choices of wood as well as good craftsmanship. If a style is made where the wood isn’t directly visible, it will involve designs that cover the wood with thin fabric or otherwise provide an understated, yet unique, appearance.

Caring for wood blinds is easy, but it does require some forethought. The main thing to remember is that wood is best kept away from water, kitchen grease, and other hazards. Water can destroy the finish on blinds, especially if they’re stained or lacquered. The main problem with kitchen grease is that it usually takes a decently-powerful solvent to get rid of it, and such solvents will also get rid of the finish on the blinds. Therefore, it’s best to just keep wood blinds out of the kitchen.

Other than the caveats mentioned in the prior paragraph, wood blinds are generally trouble-free. Give them a coat of furniture polish every so often to keep them looking new and to prevent drying, and be sure to dust them regularly. As long as these simple steps are taken, the blinds will look great for years.