Building a custom home gives consumers greater input into personalizing the environment as they desire. When choosing window treatments for their abode, Arvada homeowners have a wide range of options. Window treatment designs range from wood or honeycomb blinds to artistic curtains and drapes that beautifully complement surrounding interior décor. By comparing the features of each of these options, consumers can make great window treatment choices for their home.

Wood Blinds

The richness of stained wood blinds in Arvada give an environment a warm and welcoming touch. Wood blinds come in various hues and slat widths, providing consumers with greater variety in creating the window décor they desire. Faux wooden blinds tend to endure temperature and humidity changes better than their real wood counterparts, making them a more viable choice for homeowners who live in humid climes. Although wood blinds are pricier than traditional aluminum, they add greater class and distinction to the home environment.

Honeycomb Blinds

Fabric honeycomb blinds offer greater insulation from outside elements, making them more practical for energy efficiency purposes. These blinds stack together similar to an accordion, keeping cold air out during winter and trapping cooler air in during summer. By regulating inside temperatures, honeycomb blinds can help homeowners conserve on energy bills. In addition to being practical, honeycomb blinds come in an array of fabric colors and textures to create an appealing environment. The soft, durable, easy to clean fabrics make these blinds good choices for children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

Bamboo Blinds

For an exotic touch, homeowners can consider adding bamboo blinds to their environment. Consumers can create a unique and stylish living or dining room setting by decorating their windows with attractive bamboo blinds. As these blinds can be quite delicate and easily prone to damage, they may be more conducive for homeowners without children to reduce the risk of accidents that could ruin this product.

Custom Drapes

Custom drapes add grace and elegance to a home décor. With so many fabric colors, patterns and textures to choose from, homeowners will have little trouble customizing their choice of drapes to suit personal taste and comfort. Thick fabrics will also improve a room’s insulation, keeping the environment warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Although drapes are more costly to maintain due to the need for professional cleaning, their luxurious appearance and overall appeal make this added expense well worthwhile.