When it comes to adding window treatments to a home, plantation shutters are a versatile design choice. They can be found in historic, modern, and traditional spaces, and work seamlessly within each style of home. The structural styling of plantation shutters are an architectural element within a space. Because of this, some homeowners enjoy this design choice over other window treatment selection.

These shutters are considered a design feature with a lot of function. The articulated louvers within each shutter frame can be closed shut for a near-blackout effect or opened wide to allow sunlight and air into the home. Additionally, the shutters open for an unimpeded view of the outside. Plantation shutters are considered a great privacy solution when it is needed. They are also used as added insulation. These window treatments will protect home interiors from heat and insulate against the cold. Broomfield’s warm summers and chilly winters are one reason why plantation shutters work well in all seasons.

Plantation shutters are constructed in three different materials: wood, composite, and vinyl. Wooden shutters have natural wood grain and can be customized to fit nearly any window size or shape. Composite construction is a blend of wood and vinyl material, often it is a wood with a vinyl coating. The composite allows for the warmth and look of wood to combine with the resilience of vinyl. The plantation shutters that are vinyl are highly durable and the most cost effective for homeowners. Each construction type comes in a variety of colors. This is especially true of the wooden shutters as they come in both paint and stain color options.

Traditionally, there are three shutter styles that homeowners choose from: full-height, cafe style, and tier on tier. The full height shutters will cover the entire window with two operable panels, this creates a clean vertical look. Cafe style shutters cover only the lower half of the window, emphasizing the dual need of light and privacy. Tier on tier are four panels on a single window, where the top and bottom move independently of one another. This allows for flexibility in privacy, light, and design.

Plantation shutters are a versatile design element that can fit within many different home designs. They can address light, privacy, and temperature needs within a home. With the multitude of design choices, they can be customized to fit a homeowner’s needs.