Homeowners remodeling or building from scratch often seek out plantation shutters in Broomfield. People in this location prefer this style of window covering for various reasons.

One of the most important priorities for people living in this location is practicality. They want material that will not warp, crack, chip, fade or discolor in extreme weather conditions. The substances used for producing many models of plantation shutters in Broomfield stands up quite well against excessively hot temperatures. When made carefully enough, they also withstand moisture.

At the same time, shutter designs have the appearance of wood if not made with it. Otherwise, they have pieces of treated wood mixed in with a durable composite wood and polysatin material.

Some people might criticize the use of polysatin or comparable substances in shutter making. However, the fact that they last quite a bit longer than certain types of real wood could preserve trees. Opinions might differ on what would be better for the environment. Therefore, a range of options are found today, and choosing among them is largely based on personal preference.

Besides ones made with polysatin, the most common types of plantation shutters in Broomfield today include the hybrid and hardwood ones. The hybrid ones are made to mimic the appearance of real wood, and they wipe clean with a moist cloth without risk of damage. The hardwood ones are created using what’s called a “dovetail construction” for maximum strength and durability. It’s available in various stain and paint finishes, and the coats of finished applied to the wood help extend its life.

When shopping for shutters, customers have at least a few functional options. Among the most popular are the bi-fold, bypass and hinged-panel varieties. The Bi-fold variants hinge together u/p to six panels. The bypass type have slide tracks, and the hinged-paneled variety are made of panels hinged to each other and to the window frame. Two additional types include the ones operated using a front-tilt bar and the rear-tilt operated ones.

Professional installers usually communicate with homeowners or property builders to come up with the most ideal window shading system. They also keep up with current interior design trends, particularly ones that provide both function and style for buyers.