Plantation shutters are a timeless design. Homes all around the country – and even around the world – use them. They help keep out the sun while still allowing light into a room. They are often preferred for setting the right amount of brightness in a room, especially during the day. At the same time, they provide just the right amount of privacy at night.

Many classic window covers are made out of wood. However, numerous models of them are now coated with a treated material, especially if installed outdoors rather than indoors. Either way, the protective top layer can prevent natural wood from rotting. Even if installed indoors, the wood treatment can safeguard the shutters from liquid spills, greasy fingers, and sun discoloration.

Other plantation shutters in Broomfield and nearby locations are made from composite materials. These types might be made from a mixture of high-quality wood with a type of plastic. This helps give shutters the natural appearance while still making them weatherproof. Composite material also makes them easier to clean without damaging the shutter surface.

Plantation shutters in Broomfield open and close using a variety of mechanisms. For instance, some of them close by using a drawstring. Others might shut by way of a mechanical push lever sometimes located in the center of the unit. Furthermore, some shutters have slide tracks while others swing open.

Certain shutter designs include the full ones that cover the entire window. Others will conceal just the bottom half of the window.  A third kind available today is a combination shutter for opening or closing either the top and bottom window sections. The purpose of this is to decide how bright a room can be without allowing people passing by to peer into the windows.

Some shutters might be made from materials other than wood or plastic. For instance, a variety of aluminum or steel ones are available. These as well as the wood ones are usually painted a color that coordinates with the exterior siding colors or the interior wall colors.

Standard sizes of window coverings are available. However, some people might prefer custom shapes for irregular window styles.

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