Windows can be impactful, statement-making features of the home. They can increase curb appeal, add value to your home and can easily transform your home’s appearance. You can make your window space even more impressive by applying decorative touches such as plantation shutters in Broomfield, window seats and other enhancements. Take your windows to the next level with these custom window decorating ideas.

Add a Window Seat

Adding a window seat is the perfect way to create extra seating for guests. It’s also perfect for creating a reading nook or a place to gaze out the window to relax and unwind. Whatever your reasoning for wanting a window seat, you can’t go wrong with this decorative yet functional touch.

Designing a window seat may be better suited for those who are handy, but there are creative alternatives that don’t involve tools. Consider re-purposing old and heavy furniture and placing it directly under the window. Add comfortable seating pads and large pillows for extra comfort.

Install No-Sew Roman Shades

Roman shades are elegant looking and can spruce up any window space. The best part is that designing your own roman shades doesn’t have to involve a sewing machine. Pick your favorite fabric, grab a measuring tape, some scissors, and a pair of cheap blinds from any store. You’ll also need a hot glue gun.

You’ll create your blinds by first measuring your window and fabric. Lay the blinds on the floor and remove all of the inserts except for roughly 10. Lay the blinds on top of the curtain and mark the space between the blinds with a measuring tape. Fold the bottom piece of fabric over the bottom bar and glue it on securely. Glue down the blind inserts to the fabric, making sure to not glue down the string. Allow the glue to dry overnight and hang up the blinds the following day.

Apply Custom Window Films

Have a custom window film made to cover the glass of your home windows. You can choose beautiful designs to complement your decor or select from pre-made designs. Window films are great for adding extra privacy and beauty to your indoor space.

These easy custom window decor ideas will shine a whole new light on your home windows. Add your own spin on your window decor, and liven up your living space by enhancing your windows.