Whether it’s a do-it-yourself or large-scale living room renovation project, refreshing one of the main rooms in a home can bring it new life. If the current living room is dark or over-cluttered, it’s likely not being used as often as it could be, putting more stress on other rooms in the home. A renovated living room will also make a great first impression to potential buyers if the house is placed on the market to sell. This type of renovation almost always gets a high return on investment.

For some types of homes, a full-house renovation is just not possible for various reasons. For example, the house may share a wall or walls with neighbors who may not be able to tolerate the excessive noise and disruption of an extensive renovation. Access to the home may be another challenge to consider when gauging how much can be taken on at one time.

Even if the entire house needs renovating, here are five great reasons to start with the living room and go from there.


Budget is one of the most important factors when deciding how much of a home to renovate at once and which room to start with. Starting a renovation project that focuses on just one room in a home can help homeowners manage their cash flow and overall finances. Rather than spend a large amount of money right off the bat, a renovation that starts with just one room — especially the main living room — will quickly add value to the house without breaking the bank.

Increase Home’s Value

A tasteful living room renovation — one that uses a neutral and complementary color palette — will go a long way to increasing the value of a home. Considering that many people think of the living room as the central hub of a home, it needs to look welcoming, be uncluttered, and adaptable for varying needs. 

For a home going onto the real estate market, a living room renovation is essential for creating a positive first impression for potential buyers conducting a home visit during an open house. If they can immediately imagine their own belongings in the space, they will more likely form an immediate attachment, making it more challenging for them to walk away.

Add More Sophisticated Designs

Many homeowners with young families spend a lot of time in their living room — playing on the carpet, reading books on the couch, or listening to music or the television. This room can quickly become worn and cluttered and less and less inviting over time. Deciding to renovate often happens once the children are older, spending more time in their rooms or with friends. Adults who wish to entertain will want to upgrade the living room’s decor to be more sophisticated and in line with their maturing tastes.

A valid concern of renovating only one room at a time is that it will be more challenging to create a cohesive design throughout the rest of the house. A coordinated interior design that encompasses the other rooms on that floor plan at the beginning of the living room renovation can mitigate that worry.

Increase Sunlight and Watch Plants Thrive

Living rooms at the front of a house may use heavy drapes or shades to afford privacy from passersby. These fixtures can be effective, but at the same time, they may also block too much light. Living rooms across Colorado often have stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Optimizing these views and basking in sunlight can improve moods, allow plants to flourish, and highlight some of the artistic decorations people often display in this room. Updating the curtains or blinds in Arvada to more modern versions that provide both privacy and sunlight can bring an entirely refreshing look to a living room.

Update the Curtains

Sheer drapes or curtains made of light-colored fabrics can add brightness to a room and allow sunlight to flood a space with warmth. For privacy or to shade furniture from sun damage, sheer curtains or drapes will likely need the addition of a secondary, slightly heavier layer. Homeowners have choices between curtains made of light fabric or thicker, sun-blocking curtains and can decide to mix and match some of each, depending on the space.

Update the Blinds in Arvada

Often made of fabric and similar to louvers, window blinds in Arvada — also called shades — include a built-in cord or attached rod that raises the panels to allow light to enter. If privacy is a concern, many styles of shades offer UV protection and are made using light-diffusing materials.

Many window treatments in Arvada are available, including regular window blinds in Arvada, custom blinds in Arvada, and even the luxurious Hunter Douglas blinds in Arvada. Horizontal versions of any of these are ideal for large sliding glass doors. Like some shades, louvers are made of hard slats that tilt up and down or left and right and are great at controlling the amount of light in a living room.

Liveability During Renovation

Another great reason to start a home renovation in the living room is to keep other parts of the house liveable during the renovation. There’s nothing worse than living with the dust and debris of a home renovation if you can’t escape it. Living rooms can often be tarped off from the rest of the living quarters to mitigate the spread of grit and keep the rest of the home relatively clean. 

Another factor to be considered when deciding how much renovation to undertake at once is whether a move to another living arrangement during the refurbishment will be possible. If the choice was made to remodel the entire home at once, it would be tough to live there during construction. Even during a partial renovation, it may be preferable to move out during the project. Living with a reno while trying to work from home can be stressful due to the extra noise.

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