If you are planning to redesign your windows or you are constructing new ones, there are certain things you need to consider. You need to think of the window’s function for the room, which can help you determine the size, material, and style that would be suitable for it. For instance, you will most likely have a different window style used in the living room compared to your bedroom or bathroom. In some cases, you may even consider using treatments like plantation shutters for your windows in the living room to accentuate the beauty of the Broomfield surroundings. To help you with this endeavor, here are some awesome window styles to choose from.

1. Bow window

This type of window is the one that extends from the wall exterior of the house. It is usually curved in shape, which is why it is called bow, but if it comes it a rectangular shape, it is called bay. It is a traditional type of window that works really well for classic-looking homes. It is a great choice for the living room since it can serve as the main focal point of the room that leads towards outside of the house. It is a great window type to choose if you want to emphasize the view outside of your home while staying indoors.

2. Fixed window

This type of window typically uses a huge glass sheet that is permanently fixed on a frame. In a way, this provides a picture frame look on a window. Therefore, if you want to highlight a certain outdoor view, the fixed window is a great choice. Additionally, this type of window works really well if you want a lot of natural light to come in. It is also a great energy saving tool since the window is totally sealed and it allows you to easily maintain the temperature and quality of air indoors.

3. Casement window

This is a common type of window where there is a crank on one side where the window opens. Sometimes, the crank can be at the top or the bottom part of the window. This type of window is perfect for contemporary homes because of their flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, they serve as a great way to let the cool breeze enter the home whenever needed.

4. Awning window

This type of window is almost similar to the casement window that has a crank where it opens but it comes as more stylish. Oftentimes, the crank is at the top and the window opens from the bottom side. Since it has an awning, this type of window is common in areas that rains often. Aside from adding style, the awning allows you to leave the window open even when it is raining outside.

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