Windows, by themselves, are only good when it’s time to look outside. In order to be as functional as possible, they need coverings the rest of the time. These coverings should be easy to open so that they don’t destroy the point of having windows, yet they need to close well enough to provide privacy. They may also need to be able to block light. Finally, they need to look good so that their presence enhances the interior of the house whether or not they are open. Here are some of the window treatments that are known for performing well at all of these things:

Window Blinds

Window blinds typically only open completely from one end, but their slats can also be angled to provide partial or even nearly-full passage of light. This makes it easy to fully customize the viewing experience. They come in both horizontal blinds and vertical blinds versions, and how they open will depend on which version is used. Horizontal blinds pull up to be fully opened, while vertical ones open from the side. Either way, the slats will have the ability to be angled for intermediate levels of openness. Light penetration of closed blinds will depend on the material they’re made from.

Window Shades

Basic window shades in Arvada roll up to open. When closed, they present solid surfaces that look neat, but are fairly plain. Many people choose to get fancier shades so that the overall presentation isn’t boring. One variation combines the slatted texture of blinds with the solid, view-blocking fabric of shades. Because it is somewhat of a hybrid between the two, some call it a Roman shade while others refer to the same thing as Roman blinds.

Other shade variations present the appearance of paper or other unique materials. The light-blocking ability of shades ranges from almost none to complete blackout depending on the material used.

Window Curtains

Curtains are some of the oldest types of window treatments. They’re made of fabric and typically come in pairs that open in the middle and are drawn to either side. There’s a huge amount of patterns and colors available. The main drawback is that they’re typically hard to wash. They can also look old-fashioned compared to modern shade options.

There is no single window treatment that is best for every house. For the best visual results, choose the type that will look best with the rest of the decor.

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