Christina's LuxuriesChristina’s Luxuries specializes in… you! Cooler days and evenings are an excellent reason to find your new, sumptuous robe in fleece lined cotton, satin and lace. Discover the comfort of In Bloom by Jonquil, Ugg and KayAnna Spa. Getting married? Shop for bridal lingerie on Wedding Wednesdays and save 10 percent. Christina’s has all the white lacy, silky delicates and a wide array of colors, too! Did you know, Christina’s has SAXX boxer briefs with ultra comfort and style for the man in your life. He’ll also love the exclusive body products by Erbario Tuscano. You deserve quality and comfort, sensuality and style. You deserve Christina’s Luxuries in Boulder.

Christina’s Luxuries
2425 Canyon Blvd. Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302