Leanin' Tree BoulderAre you looking for something to do in Boulder? The Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art is a must-see for visitors and “townies” alike. Stroll through the outdoor sculpture garden, with its wonderful bronze sculptures of wildlife and cowboys (life-size and larger!). Then enter the museum, with galleries spanning two floors to showcase over 250 paintings and 150 bronze sculptures. Enjoy gritty cowboys, gallant Native Americans, majestic wildlife and scenes of pioneer life. “There is never an admission charge to the museum,” says Danielle Vorthmann, gift shop manager. “We truly believe in giving back to the community, and that is why our founder, Ed Trumble, exhibits his amazing artwork collection here.” Leanin’ Tree creates an inspiring collection of greeting cards, and you can also take a free 45-minute tour of the production plant. No reservations are required; check the web site for tour dates.

Leanin’ Tree
6055 Longbow Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301