Green Tree Recreational and Medicinal MarijuanaGreat medical marijuana prices and compassionate care. That’s what you find at Green Tree Medicinals in Berthoud. We will help you find the best strain for your therapy needs. All GTM cannabis is grown to exacting green methods. It’s nature’s medicine at its highest purity and consistency. Have you tried edibles as an alternative to cannabis flowers? You’ll find many forms, from cookies to gummies, hard candies to liquids. GTM has all the tinctures and wax, too. Green Dot Shatter and Nug Run Bubble Hash – very popular and effective. Buy three edibles, get one free when you shop on Mondays. Members save 10 percent, all day every day. Green Tree Medicinals wants to be your medical dispensary in Berthoud.

Green Tree Medicinals
1090 N. 2nd St.
Berthoud, CO 80513