Green Tree Medicinals has edibles! These products are an alternative way to use medical cannabis. They come in many different forms, including liquids. There are cookies, gummies and hard candies. Let your GTM caretaker help you find the right type to fit your needs and lifestyle. Blue Kudu Chocolates come in assorted flavors and two dosages. Wana Gummies and Keef Cola are very popular. Re-Leaf Tinctures are available in four CBD:THC combinations. Buy three edibles, get one free when you shop on Mondays. GTM offers a consistently effective experience in an inviting atmosphere. We take the time to explain our products and answer your questions. That’s what we are here for! Open seven days a week. Come in and see us.

Green Tree Medicinals
1090 N. 2nd St.
Berthoud, CO 80513