Artful selection of window shades in Arvada adds a dimension of class and style to home décor. Neglecting the windows during home design decisions will either leave them bare or allow them to fall victim to bland décor solutions. Conversely, being proactive can lead to new heights of interior design success. There are a number of compelling window treatment ideas that are trending strong right now for interior spaces.

Statement Colors

The go-to palette for window treatments has featured liberal amounts of neutrals like off-white, ivory and tan. While these are a safe and versatile bet, the trend today is toward taking a stand. Bold, bright color selections for blinds and shades are stealing the show in burgundy, red and deep pink. Navy blue, chocolate brown, matte black and shades of gray can bring a modern, masculine feel to any room. However, bright colors like teal, lavender, aqua, orange and gold are also on trend.

Contrasting Textures and Materials

Window décor has also become more tactile and inviting than ever before, mirroring trends in flooring, wall paint and furniture. One of the most compelling approaches is to pair elements with varying surfaces; for example, start with horizontal blind slats or window shades in Arvada with a sleek, smooth sheen. These elements can then be paired with luxe fabric curtains or textured wooden shutters. Luxe fabric options might include velvet, suede, damask or silk.

Artful juxtapositioning is key, and organic materials offer another inviting and eco-friendly option. Woven shades are now available in materials like matchstick and bamboo. These materials are sustainable and highly attractive as a textured, natural window treatment option. They allow gently diffused light and a soft window privacy barrier.

It’s in the Details

Another way to break out of the box and bring it all together is with key embellishments and finishing touches. Ornate rope ties and lush tassels are back, often with additions like beads, crystals or metallic elements. Sleek, serene window décor lines can be accented with lavish hardware and fabric trim to lead the eye around the room.

Effective window design and treatment is key to a holistic flow throughout a home. Today, there are artful solutions for every taste and personality. There’s no reason to be bland or ordinary; even “safe” or traditional styles can be embellished with textural additions and stylish accents.

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