It can be refreshing to go swimming or have a picnic on a hot summer day, but not everyone always has the option of rushing outdoors whenever it gets too hot at home. Many people have to stay indoors during the day to work. Offices are often ventilated and air-conditioned, but with an increasing share of people working from home these days, there is a greater need to find ways to stay cool at home.

Staying home when the weather is hot and humid is often a recipe for discomfort, especially if air conditioning is not installed. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stay cool at home in the summer without air conditioning. Many of these solutions are simple to carry out, in addition to being cost-effective and energy-efficient. Creating a cooler home can be as easy as putting up window blinds in Arvada.

Here are a few tips on how to make spending time at home on a hot summer day a little more bearable:

Set Up an “Ice Fan”

Fans are the go-to method for cooling off indoors. When air moves over the body, a cooling effect is produced by the evaporation of moisture on the skin. When sweat on the surface of the skin evaporates, heat is pulled away from the body. Stronger fans are more effective at producing this cooling effect; it’s often worth the investment to buy a fan that can be turned up to higher speeds.

To stay cool on especially hot days, one effective trick is to create an “ice fan.” To build one, simply place a bowl filled with ice in front of a non-oscillating fan. Chilly mist from the thawing ice will rise up to be pushed in the desired direction, creating a highly refreshing breeze that can feel like an ocean wind.

Remember that fans only cool people, not rooms. In fact, a fan can actually increase room temperature. Like any electrical appliance with a motor, fans produce heat when they are operating. So, be sure to turn off the fans in any rooms that are not currently in use.

Install a Ceiling Fan

It can be worthwhile to install a ceiling fan in rooms where a substantial amount of time is spent, such as bedrooms and home offices. When set to run counter-clockwise, a ceiling fan will produce a wind-chill breeze by pushing cool air down. Ceiling fans significantly increase the air circulation in an indoor space, allowing the home to cool down much more efficiently on nights when the outdoor temperature drops.

Shut the Shades

Rays of sunlight are often a major source of unwanted heat. To keep the sun’s heat out of the house, shut the window blinds in Arvada. For rooms on lower floors, turn shade panels upwards to block out the harsh sunlight. Blinds in Arvada can significantly lower indoor temperatures, especially when facing south or west.

A big sunny house with great views can turn into a veritable greenhouse in the summer. Custom blinds in Arvada can be the solution when too much sunlight is entering the house and standard-size shades aren’t the right fit. When used strategically, good shades can reduce the temperature indoors by as much as 20 degrees.

Try Heat-Reducing Film

In addition to shades, applying heat-reducing film directly onto panes of glass can keep the home cooler. This reflective film is one of the available window treatments in Arvada. This is a cost-effective and simple way to stay cool indoors. As a plus, reflective film can also work in reverse in the winter to help keep warm air inside.

Adjust Eating Habits

Food choices can make a big difference in the effort to stay cool at home. First, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Not only do these drinks warm the body, but they also heat up the kitchen due to the need to boil water when preparing them.

For that matter, try to avoid cooking indoors if possible. Meals that require long periods of roasting in the oven are not ideal on the warmest days, since a hot oven is a major heat source. Grilling outdoors is preferable if a barbeque or grill is available. Microwaves can be useful on hot days because they do not radiate much heat.

Ideally, stick to cold meals that don’t require cooking, such as sandwiches and salads. As a plus, salad components such as lettuce and cucumber contain a good amount of water; incorporating these ingredients into a diet will aid in hydration. Meat, on the other hand, will make a person feel warmer since the body uses a lot of energy when breaking down and digesting heavy meals.

Change the Light Bulbs

In the summer, ensure that indoor fixtures and lamps use energy-efficient LED or fluorescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are a significant heat source; up to 90 percent of their energy is radiated as heat. These light bulbs create unwanted heat in the summer. Switching them out for more energy-efficient options will lower the temperature indoors while reducing the energy bill.

Work in the Early Morning or Evening

It can be nearly impossible to get things done when the heat becomes intolerable. This is partly because the body produces more heat when it performs work. People who have the freedom to make their own work schedules can try switching their hours to the early morning or evening in the summer. This change allows the body to rest during the hottest parts of the day. Save chores for the evening if possible, since cleaning appliances such as vacuums and washing machines can give off a surprising amount of heat.

There are many other ways to beat the summer heat that are just as easy as changing work rhythms and eating the right food. Simple home improvements can produce results that will last year after year. A good fan and the right shades can make a real difference. It can be well worth the investment to install quality Hunter Douglas blinds in Arvada to keep the home cool during the summer.

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