The ultra violet craze of 2018 is out and lively coral is in. It is a bright coral hue with golden undertones — perfect for lifting humankind’s gaze from blue-lit phones and laptops. Coral is meant to symbolize light-hearted joy and playful expression. This fits in with a problem that many homes in Arvada, Colorado, struggle with, which is tackling the ever-present gray.

Coral influences can fall over the spectrum since there are many variances of the color present in home decor. Here are some great ways to embrace 2019’s color at home.

In a bedroom

Especially for kids, coral is a great color for brightening up a room and keeping the atmosphere young. It can be complimented well by other bright colors like aqua blues, greens, or even chartreuse for more daring decorators. In some houses with funky walls that deserve accenting, coral could be a color to consider.

Make the most of plants

The new popularity of coral plays in to a lot of the different flowers that plant aficionados like to collect. This is the perfect time to invest in apricot emperor tulips, horizon coral spice geraniums, and tropicana hybrid tea roses.

On fabrics

There are tons of lightweight, coarser blankets in coral that act as a great layer of warmth on rainy days in addition to being a pop of color. Alternatively, the best way to make a statement these days is with draperies. A variety of patterns and hues make coral draperies a bright possibility for any home.

DIYs for antiques

Everyone has a couple of pieces from thrift and vintage stores that lie around the house aimlessly. A rotary phone, for example, likely buried in the back of a cabinet with a thick layer of dust on top would look awesome with a fresh layer of coral paint for decor. Put it beside the coral draperies to set the scene.

Red clay

Seize the opportunity to make use of ceramics and uncolored red clay in all of pottery’s finest. This includes planters, which are a guaranteed way to rejuvenate a space both with their color and the plants they hold inside. Alternatively, planters and other objects can be held in coral macrame baskets — one more craft to get into.

Hand towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and kitchen backsplashes — coral can turn up in many unexpected places. For any resident of Arvada looking to add a splash of color to their home in the new year, experts are agreeing that colors are seeing preference over design styles these days. A lively coral just might be that color.