Nothing compares to the heart-warming feeling of natural light after a cold winter. When brought into a home, exposure to sunlight has been linked to uplifting homeowners’ spirits, energy-saving, and improvement of their overall wellbeing and mood. 

Nowadays, potential homebuyers cite ‘sufficient natural light’ as a significant feature they look for when selecting a new home. When it comes to a home, office, or any other space, there are eight significant ways to get the most out of the natural light in a space.

  1. Mirrors And Shiny Objects

Strategic placement of mirrors is one of the more laidback ways to get the most out of the natural light in a room. A mirror on a wall can magnify a space. But placing one across from a window, adjacent to the natural light source when roller blinds in Arvada are up, can double the amount of natural light that penetrates a room. 

Mirrors positioned adjacent to sunlight will bounce the light around the space, making it brighter and sunnier. By placing at least one mirror in a room that needs more natural light, homeowners can instantly double the amount of natural light in that space. 

  1. Light Furniture and Accessories

Being mindful of the type of furniture to purchase in relation to natural light will help intensify light inside a space. Light-colored upholstered furniture will add more natural light to a space and rapidly elevate the ambiance. Brighter color accent pieces like throws, artwork, and pillows complement the look while upholding a bright space. 

  1. Glass Doors

Swapping a solid front door with one that has glass panes is a seamless transition that allows more sunlight to enter a space. Sliding glass doors for a balcony or backyard increases the amount of light seeping into a home as well.  

Glass doors aren’t meant for outdoor/indoor thresholds only. They can also be used in place of any solid door to allow more light to flow inside a space. Those concerned about privacy can use frosted glass or window blinds in Arvada, which obscure the contents of the space while still letting sunlight through. 

  1. Windows 

The most obvious and conventional way to get more natural light in a room is by adding windows or enlarging existing ones. Those who can’t enlarge their windows can still work with the windows they have. 

An easy way to increase sunlight is to ensure windows are clean. Dirty windows hinder sufficient light from seeping through a space. Windows ought to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, cleaning more frequently as needed. Homeowners also need to make sure windows aren’t blocked by shrubs or trees outside. If light cannot reach their window, they won’t be making good use of that window. Nearby landscaping elements should always be kept beneath the window level for optimum light.

  1. Lighter Treatments for A Window

Sheers, shutters, and light, custom blinds in Arvada are in.

Window treatments in Arvada surrounding a window can reduce the intensity of light penetrating a space. For more natural light, homeowners need to get rid of thick window treatments in Arvada that absorb sunlight. Lightweight and light-colored fabrics can maximize the amount of natural light. Sheer fabric may not protect owners from cold, but it will give them privacy and more sunlight.

Shutters and Hunter Douglas blinds in Arvada will also help homeowners control natural light without compromising their privacy. These selections are slimline, sitting even with the walls and window, usually making a space feel larger by taking out the bulk of drapes and curtains. 

  1. Glass Blocks

Fanatics of the retro movement will love this style selection. Here, exterior walls are replaced with glass blocks. This contemporary look was even more common during the Art Deco eras of the 1920s and 1980s. Still, it’s making a comeback with new designs that provide unique color shading and textures to match any architectural style.

Glass blocks allow sufficient light penetration without compromising privacy, energy efficiency, and security. They are an ideal replacement for standard basement windows to enhance light penetration in the darkest places within a home.

  1. Right Color Palette

Color either absorbs or reflects light. Dark shades absorb light, so a dark blue room with numerous windows will appear dreary and dull, unlike a room painted white, light tan, or light gray. Light colors reflect light around a space, much like a mirror. 

When the ceilings are painted a few shades lighter than walls, the space will feel much taller, larger, and brighter. A semi-gloss paint can further increase the reflective properties of surface color.

  1. Sun Tubes or Skylights

Sun tubes and skylights are an added advantage to a home’s design. They can add a mystical feeling to a space, allowing natural light to flow seamlessly through a home. Though there’s an expense to incorporate these features, they can be an environmentally green solution that saves homeowners money in the long run.

Solar tubes will help homeowners get natural sunlight with less hassle and cost, providing plenty of indirect light. Solar tubes capture sunlight using a rooftop dome. They then transfer it indoors via a reflective tube that runs from the ceiling to the roof. Afterward, light is evenly disseminated into the interior space using a diffuser.

In contrast, a skylight is simply a window that allows direct sunlight to penetrate a home’s interior. Not only do these features add beauty and enhance a home’s look and design, they are also energy efficient and can make a space feel more comfortable throughout changing seasons.


Natural sunlight will make a home feel safer, healthier, and more comfortable. The brighter and lighter a room is, the more comfortable it can be. Homeowners will often need more light sources other than the sun. But considering that natural light is free and full of warmth, it makes sense to get the most out of natural sources by using it to illuminate a space as much as possible.

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