To ensure privacy in your bedroom in your home in Arvada, it is important that you choose the right material to cover your bedroom windows. Aside from keeping your space private, the material that you choose to cover your bedroom windows should also help in making your room more beautiful and more comfortable to stay in. More than draperies, you can also get window shades for your home in Arvada. To help you choose, here are some of the best ways to cover your bedroom windows.

1. Tie-up shade

A tie-up shade is essentially just a piece of cloth that can be placed on a rod and left to hang on the window. It doesn’t use cords or rollers because you can simply move or lift it using your hands. Then, you can keep the window exposed by hanging the cloth with a rubber band or a ribbon. In a way, this simple look can give an elegant touch to your bedroom window. When getting a tie-up shade, it is recommended that you go for pieces of cloth with large patterns because they are much better to highlight on the window. Depending on your style, you can make a tie-up shade looking lavish, formal, or classic.

2. Balloon shade

A balloon shade uses cords running through it to be pulled open or close. When this shade is installed, the cloth simply cascades on your window like waves. In a way, it easily makes a bedroom look classic, sexy, and romantic. Oftentimes, the design of a balloon shade shows off a traditional appeal. Hence, a balloon shade is usually made from materials like silk or satin. Since the balloon shade has a classy and traditional appeal, it may not work on all bedroom designs but it will be perfect for a classic home.

3. Roller shade

A roller shade is the most basic cover you can use for your bedroom window. Its design and the way it can be operated is pretty straightforward. It has a roller that you can crank by hand to open or close the shade. If you get the more expensive option, you can be able to operate the shade with just a push of a button. It can have an electronic mechanism that opens or closes the shade by pushing a button. Different kinds of fabric are often used for a roller shade but materials like burlap and bamboo are also pretty common.

4. Roman shade

A Roman shade is a combination of the features of a balloon shade and a roller shade. Like the balloon shade, it can cascade when pulled open but it can lay flat when it covers the entire window. Like the roller shade, it has a rolling mechanism that is used to open or close it up.